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7 Ways To Be Exceptionally Charming!

 Pretty charming photo, huh? 🙂

Charm and abundance go hand-in-hand. The higher your “Charm Factor,” the greater influence you’ll have over others. This equates into stronger relationships, more opportunities, increased support from others. Charm is all about graceful communication. The more you empower others through the conversations you have, the more endearing you become to them. When people associate positive emotion to YOU, they do more business with you. They cooperate more with you, and tend to agree with you more as well!

7 Ways To Increase Your “Charm Factor!”

1. Show others you’re genuinely glad to meet them. Smile, make eye contact, and use non-verbal body language to validate others.

2. Feel comfortable showing vulnerability. Don’t try to act cool, macho, or perfect. A little self-depricating humor goes a long way.

3. Consistently search for agreement instead of contradiction. Would you agree with this one?

4. Selectively use the power of touch. Be cautious with this one.

5. Get others talking about themselves. Be genuinely curious and supportive of them. They will appreciate you for it!

6. Always pass the “waiter test.” If you’re charming to your lunch date but rude to the waiter, your “charm factor” will drop to zero!

7. Avoid “name dropping.” This is a sign of insecurity. Charming people focus on helping others feel significant, rather than trying to prove how amazing they are.


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