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Knowing Your Strengths!

Over the last several years, I’ve had the good fortune of spending time with management teams in several industries helping them to become more effective leaders and communicators. Whenever I’m in those situations, I consider myself a student as much as a teacher. I don’t come from a corporate background, so learning how $100MM companies […]
Mindfulness At Work
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Finding Your Purpose!

On Indy Style’s (WISH-TV) “Motivation Monday” segment, our success coach, Tim Shurr, MA, offers a simple tool for leading a more fulfilling life. He suggests writing down everything that makes you happy. “What’s most important to you? Not, what’s most important to your parents or friends or what you “think” should be important. Write down […]
Motivation Monday
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Formula for Attracting Success!

Are you making this mistake? I used to chase the idea of being “successful.” I thought if you worked hard enough, you’d make a lot of money and then you’d be happy. Nobody told me that working hard might not be enough. Or that when you make a lot of money, you spend more and […]
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“When Do I Get To Be Happy?”

LIFE. WHAT IS IT ALL ABOUT? When I was a kid, life was about having fun and figuring out how to avoid going to bed. When I was a teen, it was about fitting in and trying to be accepted. When I was in my twenties, it was about figuring out what to do with […]
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Power Posing!

Harvard backs up what I’ve known for 20 years. First change your physiology (the way you hold your body) before attempting to change your thinking!
Tim Shurr - Shurr Success Seminars - Professional Coaching and Business Development
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Leadership Dance

It’s often the person who supports the leader that makes the plan work!
Tim Shurr - Shurr Success Seminars - Professional Coaching and Business Development
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Little Things Make A Big Difference

Just when you feel all the small acts of kindness you’ve taken the time to offer haven’t made any difference, you discover they did!
Tim Shurr - Shurr Success Seminars - Professional Coaching and Business Development
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4 Leadership Principles From The Final 4!

Tim Shurr has been following the Final Four and selected 4 principles that we can apply to our daily lives and goals. “I’ve been listening to the coaches in the press conferences to see what they were talking about…I always appreciate listening to the leaders of the teams. I was very impressed.” Tim Shurr, MA […]
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5 Ways To Get Lucky!

I looked out my window this morning and noticed it was cloudy and raining. Then a thought popped into my mind, “A rainbow is coming…” No matter how dark and gloomy the day may be, the sun is still shining. We just can’t see it. This is a good thing to remember as you pursue […]
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Small Steps, Big Results!

Ever feel like you’re working your butt off to achieve some goal and yet it doesn’t feel like you’re making the kind of progress you should be? I’ve felt that way and many others have expressed so as well. We often feel like there is some BIG thing we should be doing that will finally […]
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