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Bringing Mindfulness Into Your Daily Routine!

Tim Shurr, Motivation Expert asks, “Do you Want the peaceful effects of yoga or meditation, but don’t have time to attend classes?” Don’t worry there is an app for that. Okay, just kidding, there is no app. You can, however, apply mediation to daily actives. Tim walks you through the steps, so you can learn […]
Mindfulness At Work
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10 Bits of Commencement Advice To Remember!

Motivation Expert Tim Shurr offers: 10 Bits of Commencement Wisdom To Remember! 1. You are more resilient than you think. 2. Risks are often the best opportunities so take them! 3. Success is the best revenge. Ignore your critics. 4. Joy is what you will remember, not the worry. 5. Ban self-doubt. Stay open and […]
Graduation Advice
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7 Ways To Be Exceptionally Charming!

 Pretty charming photo, huh? 🙂 Charm and abundance go hand-in-hand. The higher your “Charm Factor,” the greater influence you’ll have over others. This equates into stronger relationships, more opportunities, increased support from others. Charm is all about graceful communication. The more you empower others through the conversations you have, the more endearing you become to […]
Exceptionally Charming
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5 Ways To Create “Job Happiness!”

5 Ways To Improve Job Happiness 1. Take personal pride in your work! (Be self-validating) 2. Get active! (Take a walk at lunch.) 3. Validate other employees. (Look for ways to lift others up and you’ll be lifted naturally.) 4. Teach people how to best motivate or manage you. 5. Turn your car into a […]
Job Happiness
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7 Habits Of Super-Organized People!

  Do you wish you were more organized? Truth is most of us could do better. Here are 7 things you can do to make your day more organized and productive! 1. Keep a “Can-Do” attitude. 2. Don’t be a perfectionist! 3. Be a list maker! 4. Constantly prioritize. 5. Have a “Do-It-Now” Mentality! 6. Ask […]
Getting Organized
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6 Life Lessons You Should Quickly Unlearn!

6 Life Lessons You Should Quickly Unlearn! 1. Problems are bad. 2. Your past determines your future. 3. Money is the root of all evil. (Insecurity is the root of it.) 4. I must be a member of the “clean plate” club. 5. It matters what people think of me. 6. If all my wishes […]
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Make Yourself More Attractive To Others!

Great tips for making yourself more attractive to anyone! This includes relationships of any kind. Whether you’re married, dating, or developing business relationships! 1. Get curious about the other person. Give him/her your full attention. 2. Give your full attention and make it about “them,” not you! 3. Offer specific compliments.
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Blast Through Procrastination!

1. Use the “2 Minute Technique” 2. Ask how you can make any activity more fun! 3. Make yourself accountable to others.
personal and professional coaching
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Brain-Training Secrets of Olympic Athletes!

The Brain-Training Secrets Of Olympic Athletes The Huffington Post  | by  Carolyn Gregoire With the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics well underway, millions of spectators are marveling at the physical skill and talent of the athletes competing in the Games. But behind these athletes’ physical feats is an arguably even more impressive mental prowess cultivated through years of training the […]
Tim Shurr - Shurr Success Seminars - Professional Coaching and Business Development
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5 Tips For Quitting Smoking (Fox News) Tim Shurr

5 Tips For Kicking Butt During The Great American Smokeout! (November 21) 1. Stop arguing with yourself. (Write down reasons for quitting and the pain you will avoid from making this decision.) 2. Spend your “freedom” day engaging in relaxing activities. (Massage, self-hypnosis CD’s, watching comedies, hot bath, brisk walking, etc.) 3. Make cigarettes gross! (Break cigarette up in […]
stop smoking photo (broken cig)
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