The Courage to Succeed

The Courage to Succeed
How to make dreams come true!

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5 Tips For Curing A Sweet Tooth!

Fox 59 (laughing)
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Tim Shurr Demonstrates How Stress Literally Weakens the Body!

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Your Purpose is to Free Yourself from Mental Prisons!

Tim Shurr, MA, President of Shurr ! Success Seminars and Coaching provides a keynote to The Association of Psychotherapy and Hypnosis in London, England on October 27, 2013. This clip shares a metaphorical story of how people habitually get stuck in their comfort zones and how to escape these mental prisons of the mind! […]
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Building A Team!

When a group of individuals go through a shared experience that is challenging, it bonds them in a special way. Plus, the way we play games resembles the way we play the game of life. Going through team building experiences like this can help you gain valuable insight as to how you approach issues like […]
personal and professional coaching
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No One Likes a Debbie Downer In The Office!

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy This is an easy fix when you know how to do it. If you’d like amazingly effective strategies for improving trust, morale, and communication at work, please give me a call. 317-502-5293 Tim Shurr, MA
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Chinese Interview with Tim Shurr

I’ve been working with a friend, Stephanie Ho, for the last couple of years, to get my training programs into China. We conducted an interview that will be introduced over there this fall. I thought you might like to see a quick, rough draft of it. I just took a snippet. It’s nothing fancy, but […]
Tim Shurr - Shurr Success Seminars - Professional Coaching and Business Development
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Being Kind is Good In Any Language!

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Georgia School Shooting Prevented Using Verbal First Aid!

(CNN) — As the kids trooped back into the suburban Atlanta elementary school that was stormed by a gunman earlier this week, everyone was talking about Antoinette Tuff. The bookkeeper, an eight-year veteran of the DeKalb County school district, talked suspect Michael Brandon Hill into surrendering after a brief standoff with police Tuesday afternoon. Faced […]
first aid
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Validation – One of the Greatest Videos Ever!

One of the best videos ever made for teaching the importance of validating others. You win through helping others win! This is essential to transformational leadership and for living a high-quality, purpose-driven life! Enjoy! 🙂 Tim PS, You should share this video with your whole family!
smiling faces
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Winning Through Helping Others Win!

Amazing sportsmanship! This is what I’m talking about! Watch and grab a tissue… Tim
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