The Courage to Succeed

The Courage to Succeed
How to make dreams come true!

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Had Enough BS? How to Stop Your Belief System from Sabotaging Your Success

Your belief system can be forged at an early age; but even if you are filled with self-limiting beliefs and constant negative self-talk, you can stop the BS in its tracks and accomplish great things! I discuss how in my e-book, Get Out of Your Way. In the meantime, however, here are some life-changing insights […]
Tim Shurr Success No BS Change Belief System
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Knowing Your Strengths!

Over the last several years, I’ve had the good fortune of spending time with management teams in several industries helping them to become more effective leaders and communicators. Whenever I’m in those situations, I consider myself a student as much as a teacher. I don’t come from a corporate background, so learning how $100MM companies […]
Mindfulness At Work
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Formula for Attracting Success!

Are you making this mistake? I used to chase the idea of being “successful.” I thought if you worked hard enough, you’d make a lot of money and then you’d be happy. Nobody told me that working hard might not be enough. Or that when you make a lot of money, you spend more and […]
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Little Things Make A Big Difference

Just when you feel all the small acts of kindness you’ve taken the time to offer haven’t made any difference, you discover they did!
Tim Shurr - Shurr Success Seminars - Professional Coaching and Business Development
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5 Ways To Get A Good Job Fast!

5 Tips For Landing a Good Job Fast! 1. Join Bpe – the area’s largest independent, non-profit, networking and educational organization dedicated to supporting individuals in career transition. We talk about all of the items below and more! 2. Develop your marketing plan – Know yourself – ‘what is your target …what do you […]
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4 Tips For Getting A Raise!

Here’s 4 tips for maximizing your chances of getting a raise this year! 1. Hold a picture/image in your mind of actually getting the raise. 2.  Add value to the company. Show up for a purpose, not just a paycheck. 3. Start a conversation with your boss and find out what their criteria is for […]
Tim Shurr WISH TV Daybreak News
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5 Ways To Create “Job Happiness!”

5 Ways To Improve Job Happiness 1. Take personal pride in your work! (Be self-validating) 2. Get active! (Take a walk at lunch.) 3. Validate other employees. (Look for ways to lift others up and you’ll be lifted naturally.) 4. Teach people how to best motivate or manage you. 5. Turn your car into a […]
Job Happiness
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7 Habits Of Super-Organized People!

  Do you wish you were more organized? Truth is most of us could do better. Here are 7 things you can do to make your day more organized and productive! 1. Keep a “Can-Do” attitude. 2. Don’t be a perfectionist! 3. Be a list maker! 4. Constantly prioritize. 5. Have a “Do-It-Now” Mentality! 6. Ask […]
Getting Organized
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Make Yourself More Attractive To Others!

Great tips for making yourself more attractive to anyone! This includes relationships of any kind. Whether you’re married, dating, or developing business relationships! 1. Get curious about the other person. Give him/her your full attention. 2. Give your full attention and make it about “them,” not you! 3. Offer specific compliments.
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