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7 Ways To Be Exceptionally Charming!

 Pretty charming photo, huh? 🙂 Charm and abundance go hand-in-hand. The higher your “Charm Factor,” the greater influence you’ll have over others. This equates into stronger relationships, more opportunities, increased support from others. Charm is all about graceful communication. The more you empower others through the conversations you have, the more endearing you become to […]
Exceptionally Charming
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5 Ways To Create “Job Happiness!”

5 Ways To Improve Job Happiness 1. Take personal pride in your work! (Be self-validating) 2. Get active! (Take a walk at lunch.) 3. Validate other employees. (Look for ways to lift others up and you’ll be lifted naturally.) 4. Teach people how to best motivate or manage you. 5. Turn your car into a […]
Job Happiness
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Make Yourself More Attractive To Others!

Great tips for making yourself more attractive to anyone! This includes relationships of any kind. Whether you’re married, dating, or developing business relationships! 1. Get curious about the other person. Give him/her your full attention. 2. Give your full attention and make it about “them,” not you! 3. Offer specific compliments.
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Being Kind is Good In Any Language!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 7.38.31 PM
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Georgia School Shooting Prevented Using Verbal First Aid!

(CNN) — As the kids trooped back into the suburban Atlanta elementary school that was stormed by a gunman earlier this week, everyone was talking about Antoinette Tuff. The bookkeeper, an eight-year veteran of the DeKalb County school district, talked suspect Michael Brandon Hill into surrendering after a brief standoff with police Tuesday afternoon. Faced […]
first aid
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