The Power of Optimism

The Power of Optimism
Attitude Training For Those Who Desire More From Life

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Reality Check: How Changing Your Perception Can Improve Your Life

Perception is reality. In other words, what we perceive, we believe (and what we believe to be real becomes very real indeed). The power of perception hinges on several factors, including external influences that become internalized, a belief system that finds its roots early on and becomes more entrenched as we mature, and our tendency […]
Tim Shurr Success Perception Reality
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How to Banish the BS and Design Your NEW Belief System

In a recent article, I described how our belief systems regarding self-worth are under assault from a very early age. In fact, by the time we reach age 18, we each withstand approximately 180,000 negative personal remarks! With such bitter roots running deep, it’s little wonder, then, that our self-confidence can be fragile. But I […]
New Belief System | Shurr Success
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Had Enough BS? How to Stop Your Belief System from Sabotaging Your Success

Your belief system can be forged at an early age; but even if you are filled with self-limiting beliefs and constant negative self-talk, you can stop the BS in its tracks and accomplish great things! I discuss how in my e-book, Get Out of Your Way. In the meantime, however, here are some life-changing insights […]
Tim Shurr Success No BS Change Belief System
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#1 Secret: Body Transformation and Lasting Weight Loss Success

Just as diets work against you when trying to lose weight, your mind can work against your ultimate body transformation. But the good news is that you can re-train your brain and make your mind work for you! In the process, you’ll find that you can supercharge your motivation, overcome your addiction to sugar, embrace […]
Tim Shurr Retrain Mind for Body Transformation
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Body Transformation Program

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Are you trying to lose weight? Cutting calories and exercising are a good start, but what you may need to do is train your brain. Tim Shurr is the creator of the Body Transformation program. He joined Eyewitness News at Noon to talk about the best ways to approach your weight-loss goals.
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Getting Healthy Through “Brain Training”

Did you know? 99% of diets fail because they don’t improve your emotional habits! Peak performance expert, Tim Shurr, MA, explains 3 reasons why dieting keeps people overweight and what you can do to finally get successful weight loss results! Diet Sabotages 1. Diets are temporary solutions. 2. Diets don’t focus on the reasons why […]
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See It and Be It: How to Imagine Yourself Thinner and Healthier (and Make it Real)

Diets actually work against you as you try to achieve your weight loss goals; but there is a secret weapon for making yourself thinner and healthier: your mind. It might seem ironic, but the key to a thinner and healthier body is, well, all in your head. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to lose weight […]
Tim Shurr Success Mindset Weight Loss Body Transformation Thinner and Healthier
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5 MORE Ways Diets Destroy Motivation (and How You Can Finally Win at Weight Loss)

Recently, I shared five ways diets actually work against you as you try to achieve your weight loss goals. But that was only the beginning: there are actually ten ways! Before we explore these five additional diet traps, let me recap the first five: simply put, diets don’t work because 1) calorie restrictions shut down your […]
Tim Shurr Succcess | Weight Loss | Diet
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5 Ways Diets Destroy Motivation (and How You Can Break Free of the Diet Trap)

Simply put, diets suck; they don’t work and can actually harm your physical and emotional health. That’s the bad news. The good news is that you can break free of the “diet trap” and retrain your brain to overcome self-sabotage and help you live healthier, happier and with more energy. But first, you’re probably wondering […]
Tim Shurr Success on Weight Loss Diet | Avoiding Diet Trap
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Why Am I So Stressed?

Does it seem like everyone is stressed out these days? When you add heartbreaking terrorist attacks, heated political debates, and collapsing world economies to the pile of challenges we normally endure, why wouldn’t people feel anxious? To make matters worse, the coping mechanisms most use to feel better, (prescription medicine, food, smoking, alcohol, shopping), often […]
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