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Finding Your Purpose!

On Indy Style’s (WISH-TV) “Motivation Monday” segment, our success coach, Tim Shurr, MA, offers a simple tool for leading a more fulfilling life. He suggests writing down everything that makes you happy. “What’s most important to you? Not, what’s most important to your parents or friends or what you “think” should be important. Write down […]
Motivation Monday
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Formula for Attracting Success!

Are you making this mistake? I used to chase the idea of being “successful.” I thought if you worked hard enough, you’d make a lot of money and then you’d be happy. Nobody told me that working hard might not be enough. Or that when you make a lot of money, you spend more and […]
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Bringing Mindfulness Into Your Daily Routine!

Tim Shurr, Motivation Expert asks, “Do you Want the peaceful effects of yoga or meditation, but don’t have time to attend classes?” Don’t worry there is an app for that. Okay, just kidding, there is no app. You can, however, apply mediation to daily actives. Tim walks you through the steps, so you can learn […]
Mindfulness At Work
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6 Life Lessons You Should Quickly Unlearn!

6 Life Lessons You Should Quickly Unlearn! 1. Problems are bad. 2. Your past determines your future. 3. Money is the root of all evil. (Insecurity is the root of it.) 4. I must be a member of the “clean plate” club. 5. It matters what people think of me. 6. If all my wishes […]
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Blast Through Procrastination!

1. Use the “2 Minute Technique” 2. Ask how you can make any activity more fun! 3. Make yourself accountable to others.
personal and professional coaching
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5 Tips For Quitting Smoking (Fox News) Tim Shurr

5 Tips For Kicking Butt During The Great American Smokeout! (November 21) 1. Stop arguing with yourself. (Write down reasons for quitting and the pain you will avoid from making this decision.) 2. Spend your “freedom” day engaging in relaxing activities. (Massage, self-hypnosis CD’s, watching comedies, hot bath, brisk walking, etc.) 3. Make cigarettes gross! (Break cigarette up in […]
stop smoking photo (broken cig)
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5 Tips For Curing A Sweet Tooth!

Fox 59 (laughing)
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Tim Shurr Demonstrates How Stress Literally Weakens the Body!

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The Magic Of Thinking Big!

  In Earl Nightingale’s classic book, The Strangest Secret, he states, “The thoughts you hold consistently in your mind become your life!” In other words, “What you think about, comes about!“ Want to hear Earl tell you himself? Watch the video above!   Many understand the concept of visualizing what you want, yet few take the time to actually do it. […]
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Affirmations From The Optimist Club!

THE OPTIMIST CREED  (I’ve adjusted these affirmations a bit. Repeat out loud twice daily for the next two weeks and watch Magic show up in your life!)   “I am so strong that nothing can disturb my peace of mind.” “I speak about health, happiness, and prosperity with every person I meet.” “I make all […]
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