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#1 Secret: Body Transformation and Lasting Weight Loss Success

Just as diets work against you when trying to lose weight, your mind can work against your ultimate body transformation. But the good news is that you can re-train your brain and make your mind work for you! In the process, you’ll find that you can supercharge your motivation, overcome your addiction to sugar, embrace […]
Tim Shurr Retrain Mind for Body Transformation
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Body Transformation Program

INDIANAPOLIS (WTHR) – Are you trying to lose weight? Cutting calories and exercising are a good start, but what you may need to do is train your brain. Tim Shurr is the creator of the Body Transformation program. He joined Eyewitness News at Noon to talk about the best ways to approach your weight-loss goals.
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Getting Healthy Through “Brain Training”

Did you know? 99% of diets fail because they don’t improve your emotional habits! Peak performance expert, Tim Shurr, MA, explains 3 reasons why dieting keeps people overweight and what you can do to finally get successful weight loss results! Diet Sabotages 1. Diets are temporary solutions. 2. Diets don’t focus on the reasons why […]
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See It and Be It: How to Imagine Yourself Thinner and Healthier (and Make it Real)

Diets actually work against you as you try to achieve your weight loss goals; but there is a secret weapon for making yourself thinner and healthier: your mind. It might seem ironic, but the key to a thinner and healthier body is, well, all in your head. In fact, it’s virtually impossible to lose weight […]
Tim Shurr Success Mindset Weight Loss Body Transformation Thinner and Healthier
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5 MORE Ways Diets Destroy Motivation (and How You Can Finally Win at Weight Loss)

Recently, I shared five ways diets actually work against you as you try to achieve your weight loss goals. But that was only the beginning: there are actually ten ways! Before we explore these five additional diet traps, let me recap the first five: simply put, diets don’t work because 1) calorie restrictions shut down your […]
Tim Shurr Succcess | Weight Loss | Diet
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