The Power of Optimism

The Power of Optimism
Attitude Training For Those Who Desire More From Life

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3 Tips For Boosting Your

“Charm Factor!”

“Tim Shurr, MA, can help your people boost productivity, teamwork, and innovation by knocking down subconscious fears, mistrust, and old, out-dated ways of thinking!”

Precision Sales

The 3 largest hurdles for any sales professional are 1) Staying motivated, 2) Sales conversion, and 3) Follow-up. After training thousands of sales people, the reasons for this are clear.

Almost all procrastination comes from self-doubt or fear of rejection. This stems from self-limiting beliefs about ones capabilities or opportunities. If a limited mindset is not the culprit, then it usually falls back on a simple lack of training.

We have surveyed sales teams around the country asking how much sales training they’ve through the company or on their own. 75% said zero! This is amazing, especially when many of these people are 100% commission sales reps.

Empowering your sales team with incredible rapport-building skills, listening and questions tactics, and the desire to serve as well as sell, will awaken a new passion while driving conversion!

Discover how to STAND OUT in any selling situation! Your ability to charm, captivate and influence others within minutes is KEY to skyrocketing profitability and professional success! Top producers know how to quickly and strategically build rapport and be viewed as trusted advisors! Our strategies work wonders over the telephone, online, through face-to-face interactions, and when incorporated into group presentations.

Shurr ! Success live training’s, coaching programs, and audio courses, will give YOU practical, high-end strategies for closing more sales, upselling and cross-selling products/services, and generating repeat business in any industry! Our tools and insights have a proven track record and you can begin using them immediately. The only regret you’ll have is not having access to this information sooner!

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Sales Professionals Will ALWAYS Need Two Things

The ability to keep yourself focused, motivated, relentless, and internally aware of what’s driving your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors on a daily basis.
The ability to “read” prospects and clients through observing verbal and non-verbal communication patterns, how to ethically utilize persuasive language patterns, and have greater awareness of how you are coming across to others.

What You'll Discover

  1. How To Get Anyone To Like You In 90-Seconds Flat!
  2. How To “Read” People Like A Book, So You Can Uncover Their Subconscious Decision-Making Processes.
  3. How To Use “Your Read” To Establish Trust and Cause Profitable, Enduring Relationships!
  4. How To Access Powerful “Resource States” Without Relying on Positive Thinking or Willpower!
  5. How To Align Your Personal Values With Your Daily Tasks So It’s EASY To Think and Behave Like the Top Producers in Your Profession (So You Can Be One Of Them!)

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