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Finding Your Purpose!

On Indy Style’s (WISH-TV) “Motivation Monday” segment, our success coach, Tim Shurr, MA, offers a simple tool for leading a more fulfilling life. He suggests writing down everything that makes you happy. “What’s most important to you? Not, what’s most important to your parents or friends or what you “think” should be important. Write down everything that matters most to you about life.

Then, begin prioritizing all these activities from most important to least important. This will take less time than watching a TV show, and it will be 100 times more rewarding. People often discover they are spending very little time on activities that actually add to the value of their lives.

Once you gain clarity on what’s most important to you, and you’ve prioritized your list, the fun part begins. Now you can begin working your list! We can always find reasons not to lead a fulfilling life, yet there are just as many reasons for why you can and should start living life on your terms today!

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