The Power of Optimism

The Power of Optimism
Attitude Training For Those Who Desire More From Life

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The Magic Of Thinking Big!


In Earl Nightingale’s classic book, The Strangest Secret, he states, “The thoughts you hold consistently in your mind become your life!” In other words, “What you think about, comes about!

Want to hear Earl tell you himself? Watch the video above!  

Many understand the concept of visualizing what you want, yet few take the time to actually do it.

Top athletes understand the power of mental conditioning. We are currently coaching a top 13 year old gymnast whose shooting for the next Olympics. She mentally visualizes routines hundreds of times before doing them. Her body moves too fast to consciously track each movement, so she programs her unconscious mind to “take over”–and it does!

I was in Daytona Beach over the weekend presenting at the International Medical and Dental Hypnotherapy Association and the International Association of Counselors and Therapists. Although I’m well known as a trainer and speaker, I hadn’t contributed to their magazines or done any of the stuff that typically gets you recognized.


Plus, I was sitting at a table with some of the most famous hypnotists in the world. Yet, when the acting CEO began announcing award recipients, I quietly imagined him saying my name. Funny thing is, he did.




I didn’t win just because I imagined it. It was all the visualizations I put into action the year prior.Visualization without action is just daydreaming. Yet, mentally focusing your mind on an intended outcome repeatedly over time causes you to make unconscious decisions that lead to eventual successes!


So much of your behavior is unconscious.Discovering how your mind has been conditioned over time and using this incredible resource to your advantage is the single smartest decision you can make! It’s helped me realize my dreams. It can help you as well!


3 Tips For Visualizing Your Way To Success!

1. Take 60 seconds to IMAGINE your dream (meeting, date) being realized.

2. Generate the feelings associated with the accomplishment of this goal/dream. When you experience strong, positive emotions, it unconsciously links pleasure to the event, which causes you to ACT in a proactive manner!

3. Concentrate on the desirable OUTCOMEnot on the steps necessary to achieve your goal. If you have an exciting WHY, the HOW will appear on its own!



Make sure to register now for our upcoming INFLUENCE seminar to discover how else you can program your Unconscious Mind for success!
Now go out there and make your dreams happen!
Tim Shurr, MA



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